1. Word.

    Beating out Sudoku, bird flu, and persistent vegetative state, the New Oxford American Dictionary’s word(s) of the year for 2006 is (are?) “carbon neutral.” Personally, we wonder what happened to lanced, santorum, and Maf54. Which is why they don’t let us write the dictionary.

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  2. Tongue tried

    It’s a dream come true: a cheap, long-lasting, carbon-based energy source that’s easy on the earth. These batteries get licked and then keep going, and going, and going. We’ve gotta say, we’re jealous.

  3. The hitchhiker’s guide to the taxi

    GM likes electric cars. No, it hates them! No, it likes them again! We’ve lost track. Perhaps we’ll just get hitched.

  4. Baa, humbug

    Sheep: good for more than just their poo. They also double as fuzzy-wuzzy protectors against protest antagonism. It’s a mad, mad, mad, maaaaaad world.

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  5. Shot through the heart and T-Day’s to blame

    Eco-friendly fire: It’s not just for soldiers anymore. And Thanksgiving? Not just for pilgrims. (We’ll be taking next week off.) Put that in your bird and stuff it.