1. You know the grill

    Purists that we are, we’re so thankful that a carbon-neutral dental practice has opened in the U.K. Now we can fly across the pond to glam up our grillz, guilt-free!

    Photo: Corey McKrill
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  2. Strike a poser

    The Material Girl justified her love for Live Earth with a new single this week, just as LiveAid/8 organizer Bob Geldof got all jealous proved he’s never met this guy. Said Geldof, “We are all (expletive) conscious of global warming.” Papa, don’t preach.

    Photo: George Chin / MLSNETImages.com

  3. The vice is wrong, bitch!

    Pollution from illegal alcohol plants is chopstickin’ it to China’s national liquor, the endangered cigarette faces a double blow from the MPAA and a smoke-free impostor, and even the well-endowed are having trouble getting it up. It’s hard out here for a vice.

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    Photo: iStockphoto

  4. Shampoozled

    Green may be the new black, but bald is the new green. According to the bald and the beautiful funnyman Larry David, anyway. Perhaps he’s just trying to use that shiny dome of his to take the spotlight off Laurie and Sheryl’s Excellent Adventure. Or maybe Brit was on to something.

    Photo: HBO

  5. Dressed to kill

    Forget puddle jumpers, rain slickers, and windbreakers. These days, we need a wardrobe that fights off environmental nasties like smog and air pollution. And we need it to be cute and flirty, too. And if it would match our new peep-toe wedges, that’d be awesome. Thanks!

    Photo: Anne Ju / Cornell Chronicle

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