1. Our cup punneth over

    Hot on the heels of Japan’s “Cool Biz” program — which let businessmen shed jackets and ties to save on AC — comes “Warm Biz,” which will let businesswomen … wear furry, microwaveable bras with matching hot pants. Hello, Kitty.

  2. What’s up Down Under?

    Our ‘stralian mates are touting cool fuels — odd for a country that refused to ratify Kyoto. First a giganto solar tower, then wave power, and now heat from ancient rocks. Crikey, you’d think they had a binding target to meet.

  3. Flights of fancy

    Megalomogulac Richard Branson says his Virgin Atlantic planes may one day be powered by biomass. Back on earth, 18-wheelers are generating their own hydrogen fuel. See, it can be done. That’s all we’re saying.

  4. Ski petrol

    We hereby hail two companies that are piste-off about global warming: Clif Bar will raise skier awareness this winter by buying wind power, selling green tags, and more. And the Aspen Skiing Company is running its swanky resort in all the white ways.

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  5. Nothing in common

    It’s that time of year again: time to not shop. At least, that’s how the anti-capitalist heathens (kidding!) behind Buy Nothing Day see it. We say go ahead and shop, but buy something eco, sustainable, world-altering. Let’s turn this boat around.

  6. Go stuff yourself

    We regret to inform you that the Grist List bureau will be closed next week to indulge in yams … and shopping. See ya on the flippant side.

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