1. Global swarming

    The first-ever “green” Golden Globes awards bash was held Monday in an eco-space filled with foliage, reclaimed-wood tables, and organic foodstuffs. Among the attendees were Amy Smart, Daryl Hannah, Green Pink, and Napoleon Dynamite, who caught a delicious Lance Bass.

    Photo: John Shearer / WireImage.com

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  2. Dress reversal

    We were going to attend the Golden Green party, but we couldn’t decide on an outfit. Our best vegan duds? A FEMA tarp? A contraband Woodsy costume? Sigh … WWNPD?

    Photo: Miss Malaprop

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  3. Great Scots

    Showings of An Inconvenient Truth have been restricted in some Washington schools because, “Condoms don’t belong in school, and neither does Al Gore.” Meanwhile, leaders in the land o’ Nessie bagpiped up that every wee Scottie will be seeing it. And no one got their kilts in a bunch over that.

  4. Sex drive

    Bill Maher does it out of guilt. Cameron Diaz gets excited when she does it in the city. Will Ferrell says all Americans should be doing it, and it’s “just plain sexy.” Yep, all the cool kidz are turned on. By their hybrids, of course.

    Photo: Kevin Mazur / WireImage.com

  5. Art attack

    With more subtlety than a “wash me” message, reverse graffiti artists have hit the streets to take a bite out of grime. And as to the softer side of urban art? Knitta, please.

    Photo: Alexandre Orion