1. We’ll see your catastrophe and raise you an apocalypse

    Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets: An online gambling service is offering a whole new way to get screwed by climate change. Looking for better payoff? Put some greenbacks on the leatherbacks; we’re all-in on Colburtle.

    Photo: iStockphoto

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  2. Every day is Earth Day — especially Sunday

    This April 22 has inspired a new face for Lancôme, a bunch of carbon-neutral Yahoo!s, and a program to RadioShack up with battery recycling. Join in the celebration with free concerts in NYC, SF, and Chicago. It’s good to be green.

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  3. Duck, duck, choose

    Portugal’s W’Duck restaurant is flush with creative ideas: Old toilet seats serve as makeshift chairs while TP’ll wipe any mess left by your organic Mediterranean dish. W’Delectable! But at a different Duck, listening to the sounds of our seafood might just quack us up.

    Photo: W’Duck

  4. The fizzy corn syrup side of life

    Coca-Cola HQ would like to buy the hippies a Coke. And at the happiest place on earth, someday a biodiesel train will come. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the greenwashiest of them all?

  5. Böögg-yah!

    Forget Phil — how did we miss the weather-calculating Swiss? ‘Twill be a moderate summer, according to the Böögg (!), a gigantic snowman that is set afire and explodes on Sechseläuten. After the parade of the Zünfte. And you thought Punxsutawney was fun to say.

    Photo: FMM