1. The Ghostface of Earth Day present

    Want to celebrate Earth Day, but don’t wanna roll wit dem punk-ass bitchez? Stop by NYC’s Green Apple Music and Arts Festival and catch a set by Ghostface Killah, who shared these words of wisdom about the importance of conscientious environmental stewardship: “I don’t know nothing about that.” Word, Killah.

    Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage.com

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  2. Illy Eliot

    Want to celebrate Earth Day, but think Ghostface fell the f*ck off after Supreme Clientele? Stop by a Spitzer 2006 Earth Day House Party in New York and enjoy the dope rhymes of MC Spitz, who’s been bustin’ caps in pollutocrat asses since you was li’l.

  3. At least they’re not wearing sweater belts

    Down in Australia, oil spills have covered tiny penguins in toxic stickiness, ruining their naturally insulative feathers. But never fear: little old ladies the world over have begun knitting wool sweaters for the wee waddlers. Does Cute Overload know about this?

    Photo: LDS.

  4. Dance dance revolution

    As a matter of general principle, The Grist List deplores any activity that requires man-tights. If God had intended that kind of display he would have put Adam in a banana hammock, not a leaf. But a ballet choreographed by the earth via a seismometer? That we’ll watch. From the waist up.

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    Photo: Erik Tomasson.

  5. Scooterin’! What’s your price for flight?

    The list of activities cooler than riding a Vespa through the streets of Milan is very, very short. One of the few that makes the cut: riding a hybrid Vespa through the streets of Milan. With an Italian hottie riding bitch. Heading to a cute little sidewalk cafe. To eat gelato and drink espresso. Damn, we need a vacation.

    Photo: Luke Walker.

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