1. AC dicey

    Americans know what to do when it’s hotter than firecrotch out there: crank the AC and use more juice than ever before! We salute thee, supreme energy-suckers. Conservation be damned.

    Photo: iStockphoto.

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  2. Drink. Lick. Stir. Repeat.

    Beat the heat with a chill “Lollipoptail” — so named when Cynthia Nixon dipped an organic Pomegranate Pucker sucker into her drink. Pass the vanilla vodka, Cyn. Not that we’re lushes or anything. What? We’re not.

    Photo: Larisa Shlahet.

  3. Bloody brilliant

    For this endless summer, swimming may be out, so how ’bout a spin on a solar-powered ferry instead? That’s how the Brits are beating their heat wave — well, that and the blood-flavored blocks of ice.

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    Photo: SolarLab Research and Design.

  4. Tastes great, less grilling

    Hey veggie-eaters: still hot under the collard after forcing us to eat crow? Here’s a little peas offering: yummy Veg Out restaurant guides, coming soon to a city near you.

    Image: Gibbs Smith, Publisher.

  5. Some like it hott

    Have we mentioned our crush on Natalie Portman? We’ll say it again. Cute. As. A. Button. But a potato-sack dress? Tsk, tsk. Thankfully her vegan Mary Janes are hott, with two t’s.

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