1. The recycled envelope, please

    We’ll be Blunt: “Green” and “Oscars” used to be about as likely a match as James and Petra. But these days, they go hand-in-hand — to pre-Oscar eco-parties in ZAPs and Teslas. Oscar hasn’t been this green since Sesame Street.

    Photo: Lester Cohen / WireImage.com

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  2. Does the Hoff know about this?

    We can only think of one thing better than an in-car satellite navigation system that uses road quality, speed limit, and traffic flow to map the most eco-friendly route: A sat-nav that tells you to stay the hell home.

    Photo: iStockphoto

  3. A meatballsy idea

    As if putting together your own furniture isn’t burden enough, SwedeKEA is now asking U.S. customers to pay for plastic bags. Leksvik! Meanwhile, the yahoos at WallyWorld want 18 seconds to turn you onto CFLs, that is.

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    Photo: Duane Storey

  4. My big fat green website

    The World’s Most Earnest Website Maker-Upper has announced that he will soon launch The World’s Biggest Green Website. But will it feature The World’s Most Talented Recycling Otter? Just call us The World’s Most Curious Onlookers.

    Photo: iStockphoto

  5. Feng shwha?

    A paint job on an abandoned quarry hillside in China has taken greenwashing to an entirely new level. The painters claim the decision was feng shui related, but sometimes even a major overhaul can’t hide a mess underneath. Right, Brit-Brit?

    Photo: AP

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