1. Goodness graceland

    Eco Elvis lives, and he’s gyrating those hips to hits like “Viva Las Vegans,” “A Hunk, A Hunk of Burnin’ Globe,” and “Compost Hotel.” Just call him The King … of recycling.

    Courtesy of Eco Elvis

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  2. Cansei de ser sustainable

    Brazilian band CSS (of iPod commercial fame) has lost bass player Ira Trevisan. Turns out climate change is her hot, hot sex.

  3. Low-hanging fruit

    Dear earth-hating feminists, get back in that damn kitchen — and don’t make us tell you again. Oh, and all that bra burning? It really does a number on the atmosphere. Next time, try recycling those over-the-shoulder boulder holders.

  4. Go Flock yourself

    Hey, look! A web browser that lets you monitor all your social networking sites and follow all your favorite RSS feeds while simultaneously being über-productive at work! How effi– huh? Oh, sorry, we got distracted.

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  5. Forgetting Aldous Snow

    Yes, someone really should do something about this:

    Jon Furniss / WireImage.com