1. We wish we were an Oscar maybe winner

    Dreamy Al‘s got this Oscar nod in the bag … an Ecoist bag made from movie billboards, that is. (Yeah, we did!) We give the eco-totes two thumbs up, though we could think of a few other things to do with a larger-than-life McConaughey.

    Photo: Ecoist

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  2. Baby, it’s warm inside

    Instructed to illustrate our dystopian future via creative covers, artists envisioned an NYC tsunami, a global warming fallout shelter, and Paris Hilton frolicking in a glacierless Iceland. Hard to imagine? Well, yeah — presumably Miss Hilton concerns herself more with things that shrink when they get cold.

    Image: London Westin

  3. Jet fretting

    As Chas sacrifices his vacation for the good of Gaia, inquiring Brits want to know: Should they really give up flying? Better question: Why does the next Jesus fly so much? Couldn’t he just walk across the pond?

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    Photo: iStockphoto

  4. Grist List: not suitable for children

    These fourth graders are fuc … flippin’ awesome. They give a dam … darn about recycling, their short films are hel … hecka cool, and Recycling Boy kicks ass … behind. Oh shi … shoot, we totally said “ass.” We suck as role models.

    Photo: The Park School

  5. Another brick in the loo

    And speaking of proper education

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