1. It’s just a jump to the left

    Welcome to Grist List’s time-warp edition! This week, Al Gore and both Clintons made noise about global warming and energy policy. For a sec we thought we’d been transported to 1996, but then we realized: a decade ago, they weren’t saying a damn thing.

    Photo: AP/Denis Paquin.

  2. And then a step to the right

    In a nod to the beginning of time, a new book and TV series profile sustainable steps in the urban “Edens” of our day, from Philly to Seattle. Curiously missing from the bunch? The Big Apple. Musta been that pesky snake.

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    Photo: Media & Policy Center Foundation.

  3. With your hands on your hips

    Shopping for Armageddon? This giant sweater lodge is sure to take off. And when it’s time to accessorize, an oil-drum sink‘ll cleanse those gas-guzzlin’ thoughts from your apoplectic, post-apocalyptic mind.

    Image: SweaterLodge.

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  4. You bring your EVs in tight

    Still bummed that GM pulled the plug on its electric vehicles? Join the club. But now it’s time to move from mourning the EV1 to museumizing it. Does that mean the future is already history? Whoa.

    Photo: Smithsonian.

  5. It’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane

    Guess which ’80s comeback diva was just named “world’s sexiest vegetarian“? His name is Prince and he is funky crunchy! But how did all those veggie voters overlook us Grist-ebrities? We demand a recount.

    Photo: Afshin Shahidi/WireImage.com