1. Three cheats to the wind

    Italy police arrest eight in Mafia wind farms plot.” And the climate takes another hit.

  2. Can you rig it?

    Oil rigs: The new wind farm eco-resort.

  3. Home is where the Honda is

    Living out of your car? Take the junk in your trunk and turn it into an auto-mobile home.

  4. Who wants the last bite?

    Worcester’s buttonquail: The other extinct meat.

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  5. Toadstool

    There’s spore to this fun guy than meets the eye — it’s a biodegradable bench with bloomin’ ‘shrooms. Holy shiitake!

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    Photo: designboom.com

  6. No funny business

    The Grist List bureau is taking off next week as we prepare to launch a brand new Grist.org website. Your regularly scheduled listy goodness will return March 13.