1. Gooooooooooooooooal: Avoid dance parties

    David Beckham has long pooh-poohed ‘roo shoes, so he should feel right at home in the state that just upheld a ban on marsupialwear. But if things get tough, at least he can always count on Tom Cruise for a big sweaty hug.

    Photo: Robert Mora / MLS / WireImage.com

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  2. What’s good for the goose is good for the Flanders

    Amsterdam’s Hof van Delft park wondered, “Waddle we do with this gaggle of honking, harassing geese?” Luckily, Martin “Goose Whisperer” Hof was at their beak and call. But this is no wild-goose chase; the birds flock to the Hof’s gentle herding techniques. Pretty fly for a Dutch guy.

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    Photo: iStockphoto

  3. Catch him if you can!

    Proving there is life beyond Lohan, TMZ managed to focus a lens on this boy’s life as he departed by bicycle. (Wow, what a scoop!) But Leo’s fanny pack was a Titanic mistake … and we can only hope it’s near the 11th hour for manpris.

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    Photo: Steve Granitz / WireImage

  4. Love in bloom

    Guerrilla gardening and sidewalk choose-your-own-adventure are great ideas on their own, but we suggest a combination, gents: walk the streets in search of a date, carry flowers, and don’t forget to bring a hoe.

    Photo courtesy Poster Child

  5. Where is the love?

    Black-Eyed Pea Will.i.am announced at Live Earth that he’s done with his Hummer. But, if he doesn’t blow it up, what’s he gon’ do with all that junk? Meanwhile, Fergalicious says she’s sick of her Hum, her Hum, her Hummer too. Or is she? Hey mama, don’t phunk with our hearts.

    Photo: Jon Furniss / WireImage.com