1. Are you yella?

    Kids driving you crazy? Steer ’em onto this trike: the louder they scream, the farther away they’ll go.

  2. The shitty by the bay

    San Franciscans will flush with pride when they honor the nation’s Number One with a building that filters their number two. The soon-to-be George W. Bush Sewage Plant is adjacent to the S.F. Zoo — perhaps a Dick Cheney Duck Pond is in order?

    Photo: Jamison via Flickr

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  3. Upwardly mobile

    For sale: Beautiful rotating home in premium Dubai location. Eighty-story shape-shifting skyscraper feeds turbine power back to the grid. Constantly changing view! Yours for only $36 million, plus cost of nausea medication.

    Image: dynamicarchitecture.net

  4. A call to arms

    If we had a band, we would call it Recycled Socktopus. And if we had a recycled socktopus, well, we’d buy one for everyone in the band.

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    Photo: friendsofsocktopus.com

  5. Let’s bounce

    We’re all aware of the power of breasts — but could you actually produce juice from those melons? Sure, says one expert: “It’s just a matter of finding the sweet spot.” Indeed.

    Photo: enlighted.com

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