1. The Brockovich is back

    America’s sweetheart (back off, Witherspoon!) Julia Roberts has agreed to serve as a spokes-star for clean-energy developers Earth Biofuels, joining fellow Oscar winner Morgan Freeman and country singer Willie Nelson. We’re glad she’s green and all, but still, let’s hope she burned that unsettling sprite get-up from Vanity Fair.

    Photo: Kevin Mazur / WireImage.com

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  2. Electric sticker shock

    Built for greens with a lotta green and wicked midlife crises, the electric Tesla Roadster is a sexy new rig with built-in satellite nav and an iPod dock. Sure, it goes from 0 to 60 in four seconds — in complete silence — but with an $80,000 price tag, it’ll also take your bank account to zero in no time, flat.

    Photo: Tesla Motors.

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  3. Starts with PR, ends with ick

    “What does your car say about you?” a new ad by Greenpeace asks (and answers), as it follows an SUV driver through a day at the office. Though not the first advert to use the concept, it’s probably the first to use the word “wanker.” We approve.

    Photo: Greenpeace.

  4. Green is the new child labor

    Middle-aged minivans be damned, this Portland family is forgoing high gas prices and emissions by powering their multi-person vehicle with small children. The human-pedaled jalopy is perfect for short trips around the neighborhood, says dad Dean Mullins, whose motto is “Burn fat, not oil.” Mmmm … better keep pedaling.

    Photo: Miles Hochstein.

  5. Butch Cassidy and Sundance Channel Green

    Even though he’s got wrinkles deep enough to create their own low-pressure systems, Women of a Certain Age harbor crushes on Robert Redford that are inextinguishable. Hopefully his new move — Sundance Channel Green, a weekly three-hour block of eco-themed goodies — will get them hot for environmentalism.

    Photo: Stephen Lovekin / WireImage.com