1. You had us at Old School

    We’ve tried so hard not to giggle over the flabby buttocks, the shabby accents, even the promise of figure-skating glory. But it’s hopeless. If loving Will is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Besides, the environmental movement could use a little more cowbell.

    Photo: Vera Anderson / WireImage.com

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  2. Blame it on Bahrain

    Stymied by shortsighted snobs, wind-power fans are getting creative: Three horizontal turbines tie Bahrain’s World Trade Center together, and a fan-tastic footbridge will keep itself busy making power. Just don’t stick your arm out.

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  3. Green dreams are made of this

    If the Eurythmics say the world needs more eco-celeb action, who are we to disagree? But we’d have named that tune something more catchy than “Go Green.” Here comes the pain again.

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    Photo: Lester Cohen / WireImage.com

  4. Mind the Gap

    They say you can’t shop your way to a cleaner, healthier environment. We say whateva, chumps — we’ve got a green mall to get to, organic T’s to ogle, and a credit card burning a hole in our pocket.

    Photo: GAP

  5. Go fuzz yourself

    The hatas who wanted to give Knut the boot better watch their backs ’cause this cuddly wuddly fuzz ball ain’t playin’. Officially branded by the Berlin Zoo, the celeb cub‘s got his “Knut Ist Gut!” single on German shelves, raspberry-flavored sweets in the works, and his mug on the cover of the German Vanity Fair. He’s practically a hip-hop empire, and he’s only three months old.

    Photo: Berlin Zoo