Celebrities popularize commercial extreme truck

Move over Hummer. The hip new thing in celeb vehicle bling is the International CXT, or commercial extreme truck. The hugemongous pickup weighs more than twice as much as the Hummer H2 and sits at the height of an 18-wheeler; more important, it can tow a 20-ton yacht and lug another six tons in the truck bed. Celebs like trucker-hat enthusiast Ashton Kutcher who pimp this ride can also expect to get 7 to 10 miles per gallon of diesel fuel and pay up to $120,000, depending on how fully equipped they want it — some include tiltable truck beds, and one customizer is working on installing a mini-fridge and giant wheel rims. International Truck and Engine — which manufactures the CXT, alongside cement mixers and dump trucks — is making plans for more vehicles, including the MXT and the RXT, both of which will be slightly smaller. But then, how will Kutcher carry his six tons of cargo down Rodeo Drive?