A new video game teaches users about saving the planet is coming on the market, and you can try it out for free first. Check out Global Warning, a new game from Midori Tech.

Here’s what happens: A dump company sets up an immense (nearly the size of 50 football fields) landfill next to your virtual home. The player’s mission is to stop the dump company, as well as save the planet by choosing strategic, earth-friendly behaviors, which are “cards” in the game. Each round, the player makes choices in their lives by selecting what cards to use. The effects of each player’s choices might not be apparent for several rounds, but they will eventually affect their finances, morale, health, whether or not they will survive the game.

The point of the game is to increase the players’ knowledge of waste, chemicals, energy, greenhouse-gas emissions, self-sufficiency, and water use.

The best part is that the game tries to mimic real life, in that you may be presented with limited options, all the options might sorta suck, and you have to figure in your own financial standing in your decisions. It’s like a real-life Brokeass column. So if you’d like to try figuring out these things in your virtual life as well as your real live life, check it out.

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