You may find this hard to believe, but there are people we love even more than we love ourselves — our readers! Especially those of you who help us fight the good fight by sending a li’l dough our way now and then.

And how do we show our love in return, aside from imparting daily wit and wisdom? By giving away nifty prizes to donors whose names are randomly drawn out of our recycled hemp hat!

Below, we show off a couple of unsolicited photos that came after our last fund drive. Look how attractive and intelligent and funny (and did we mention attractive?) our readers are! (And see, we really do give away those prizes!)

Crystal and Desmond Evers
Crystal Evers and her son Desmond enjoy their Grist gifts in sunny San Leandro, Calif. Crystal writes, “We are enjoying the chocolate from 3400 Phinney (hey, my grandma lived close to there), the global warming mug, and Numi tea (now our favorite and made practically next door!).”

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Chris Robbins
Chris Robbins says she didn’t even know there were prizes! She was just giving to Grist out of the goodness of her heart. Here she pretends to chow down on the potato-starch packaging peanuts shipped with the global warming mug and Numi tea.

Update [2007-3-22 10:35:45 by Grist]:

Dawn Quirk
Dawn Quirk of Somerville, Mass., tells us she went straight for the chocolate when she got her Grist package!

Update [2007-4-3 11:59:51 by Grist]:

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Jolyn Eggart
Jolyn Eggart, her “knucklehead but beloved dog Wrigley,” and a global warming mug at the Helena National Forest, outside of Helena, Mont.

Kai ChanKai Chan
Kai Chan, of Vancouver, Canada, sips his Fizzy Lizzy.

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