Here's an anti-Solyndra ad put out by Americans For Prosperity. It is wrong. And it's been viewed 1 million times on YouTube alone, not to mention millions more on television. Which just goes to show you that if you give the people what they want, they will eat it up like delicious candied bacon, because who doesn't like having their completely ridiculous prejudices reinforced at the expense of truth and our country's future economic prosperity?

Here are just a few of its by-now-canonical-on-Fox-News lies:

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  • The ad says that "friends of Obama" benefited from the loan, but it references a Daily Caller article about George Kaiser, who, according to Politifact, "is neither a shareholder nor an executive of Solyndra."
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  • Accusations that internal administration emails point to a special relationship with Solyndra are also false — it’s sort of the opposite. An email from Steve Mitchell, who did get a meeting at the White House and who was connected to Solyndra, said, "I think the company is hoping that we have some unnatural relationship [with administration officials] that can open bigger doors — I've cautioned them that no one really has those relationships anymore."
  • Solyndra's loan guarantee was commenced under Bush Jr., not Obama. In the words of Politifact, " … the money wasn't Obama's to give. Solyndra's request predated his administration, and career Energy Department officials handled the deal."

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