Can you get much more low-down than Scott Walker and his cronies? It's not enough that the Wisconsin governor stripped collective bargaining rights from unions in pretty much the slimiest way possible, or that important people who support him have been advocating both violence and fake violence as a way to silence opposition. No, he also had to go and kill wind power.

Energy developer Invenergy has twigged to the fact that Walker is a scumbag in general and an anti-environment scumbag in particular, and has pulled out of its plan to build a new large-scale wind farm in Wisconsin. The farm would have had 100 turbines, 150 megawatts, and enough to power about 40,000 homes at peak output. But thanks to Walker's bill to kneecap wind energy by imposing tight restrictions on where turbine farms can be built, Invenergy now thinks Wisconsin has an "absence of legislative stability," which is corporate for "run by a dick." Another 725 megawatts of planned wind installations from other developers — and $1.8 million in investments into the state economy — is also at risk.