In the midst of a hair-pulling, face-scratching tussle over the EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gases, a number of senators are looking into reviving 2008’s bipartisan “energy gang.”

The last gang crumbled under bickering about high gas prices — but not before swelling its ranks to 20 senators, and putting forth a bipartisan plan that involved offshore drilling (boo!), but also electric car and biofuel investment (yay!) and limits on oil and gas industry tax breaks (woohoo!).

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Of course, given the strong environmental principles of some congressional Democrats — like, say, the ones who are proposing amendments that merely handcuff the EPA instead of hamstringing it — a bipartisan plan could read something like “okay, we’ll cut off the EPA at the knees, but only if you get those guys in the House to stop throwing their used styrofoam cups in the Capitol fountains.”

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