Politico is reporting this morning that House Republicans are gearing up to blame high gas prices on Obama. His offshore drilling moratorium, they say, is to blame for pump costs rocketing towards $5 a gallon. The GOP hasn't specified yet whether this is not intended to be a factual statement, but: This is not a factual statement.

FactCheck.org got out ahead of the noise machine three weeks ago. Tank up on these fast facts so you can spank the congressional Republicans in your circle:

  • Obama's deepwater drilling moratorium had zero effect on gas prices.
  • Domestic oil production was up last year, at its highest level since 2003, though it's projected to go down 2 percent in the coming year.
  • Gas prices are actually up because of a perfect storm of global events — including strikes in France, refinery operating problems in Central and South America, and unrest in the Middle East — and because of overall increased demand for oil.