Three quarters of nuclear power plants in the U.S. have leaked radioactive tritium.

The White House promised to put solar panels on its roof by the end of spring but didn't. Come on — the environmental community can’t even get a symbolic gesture now? Throw us a bone, dude!

Global warming was supposed to save a few lives by creating milder winters in which fewer people would freeze to death. But by 2040, deaths from heat waves will outstrips lives saved in the winter.

Growing meat in a lab is waaay more energy efficient than growing meat in factory farms. Lab meat takes between 7 and 45 percent less energy, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 96 percent.

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New Hampshirites with spent CFL bulbs aren't allowed to throw them away and now, because of budget cuts, can't bring them to recycling bins at hardware stores. The only other option is to drive across the state to deposit them at one of two seacoast recycling centers. Good thing those bulbs last for so long?

Climate scientist James Hansen annoys conservatives so much they’re giving him the Bill Clinton treatment — abandoning all efforts at substantive discussion, and going after him on ethics issues.

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They're also pissed at Pixar for making Big Oil the bad guy in Cars 2. (Actually, it is pretty incredible that a movie about a dumpy old truck and a racecar — not the most energy-efficient vehicles — has the chutzpah go negative on oil. Then again, the cars are actually animated at least partly by some kind of anthropomorphic car spirit, which is probably more renewable.)