The staff at NPR has been responding to the news of Hostess' bankruptcy by getting up to some Twinkie shenanigans. Forget that James O'Keefe stunt, this is NPR's real shame. (But seriously, how do we get in on this action? Call me!)

First, Science Desk tried seeing if one would dissolve in Mountain Dew. (Verdict: Not after two hours, but that mouse carcass had a lot longer.) Then the food blog came up with 10 more things to do with Twinkies

Science Desk also has a whole raft of other experiments they want to perform ("At what temperatures do Twinkies ignite? Do they explode in the microwave? Is the Twinkie magnetic?"), so you should probably make that NPR donation you've been planning — somebody has to keep the staff in snack cakes, so they can do this important food science for the rest of us.

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