I’m just getting myself together after an incredibly packed four days at Slow Food Nation, which wrapped up Monday in San Francisco. Grist was lucky enough to partner with big-time indy movie studio Participant (maker of Syriana, Fast Food Nation, An Inconvenient Truth, and other worthy films) to conduct a bunch of video interviews at the event.

I got to talk to many of my heroes, including Eric Schlosser, Raj Patel, Dan Barber, two bright young farmers (Laura Hess and Zoe Bradbury), Lucas Benitez and Greg Asbed of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, and more than a dozen other important folks. Everyone sparkled. (The most sparkly of all the folks I talked to was Vandana Shiva, but tragically, the footage vanished due to a technical disaster.) We’ll be posting those interviews as soon as we can get them edited into shape.

So please look out for those interviews, as well as lots of other recaps from last weekend’s proceedings.

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