Came across this piece about a biodiesel company in British Columbia that’s convincing restaurants to switch to a lighter, healthier cooking oil so it can buy the oil and turn it into biodiesel. And partly I’m just excited because the program, called Restaurant Green Zone, is finding the biggest success in Chilliwack! And that’s fun to say on a Monday!

But also it’s an interesting approach: the company, Effective Resource Management BioSource (known to its pals as ERM BioSource), is pushing the health angle, partnering with the Heart and Stroke Foundation on its project. The hard oil that’s been commonly used until now is, says aptly named ERM spokesdude Robert Greene, “bad for the heart and the planet.”

Apparently, the ERM folks also have a high-yield reactor that can produce 15,000 liters of biodiesel a day. Said Greene with trademark Canadian flair, “We are kind of making history here.”

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