We prepared six faux meat dishes from the past 1,000 years, ranging from mock lamb chops in 965 to the “bleeding” Impossible Burger in 2016.

Vegetarian goose | “Recipes from the Garden of Contentment” (2018)
Translated and Annotated by Dr. Sean J.S. Chen
Based on: Yuan Mei, “Suiyuan Shidan 隨園食單” (1792)
Berkshire Publishing (Award: Best in the World – Translation – Gourmand International 2019)
Translator website

Mock lamb chops | Science and Civilisation in China, Volume Six: Biology and Biological Technology
Part V: Fermentations and Food Science by H.T. Huang

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There was no official recipe for the “Mock lamb chops,” as they were simply referred to as tofu. We marinated the tofu in soy sauce and pepper and then grilled them, topping them with cilantro.

Protose | Battle Creek Cookbook

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