Dust off your old sash, because you could be eligible for the Girl Scout "locavore" merit badge. (It means you only eat the cookies that your neighbor's kid sells, right?)

Here's how you earn your locavore badge:

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  1. Explore the benefits and challenges of going local
  2. Find your local food sources
  3. Cook a simple dish showcasing local ingredients
  4. Make a recipe with local ingredients
  5. Try a local cooking challenge

SF Weekly has a little more detail on what each step entails:

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The girls start out slowly, first interviewing a local cook or a grocery store manager about the food system, and then identifying seasons when certain fruits and vegetables grow locally or ferreting through their fridge to identify products they can find local substitutes for.

… Subsequent steps involve more complex cooking tasks: creating two salads with local fruits and vegetables, taking a family recipe and making it with local ingredients, and finally preparing a three-course meal or making a more complicated dish like pasta from scratch.

This may be part of the cookie-pushing girls' organization's attempt to bounce back from being called out for its palm-oil-using, orangutan-killing ways. They've also committed to reducing palm oil and using sustainably sourced supplies.

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