Gotta hand it to Ben & Jerry’s: It knows how to please its core audience (the hippies, at least; not necessarily the recently dumped). The company is already making ice cream with 80 percent of its ingredients GMO-free. By the end of the year, Ben & Jerry’s says, there will be no GMO ingredients at all in its ice cream.

It’s a little bit tricky, considering how many things go into Ben & Jerry’s flavors, but the company already does it in Europe. So it’s possible — it just needs to find the right suppliers.

Here’s why it’s doing it:

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We have a long history of siding with consumers and their right to know what’s in their food. We fought long and hard for labeling of rBGH, which was the first genetically engineered technology used in the US food system. We thank and encourage all those who are continuing this fight in support of transparency and the consumer’s right to know.

Also, it’s from Vermont! And it knows what side its GMO-free nine-grain whole wheat bread is GMO-free organic buttered on.

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