Fucken smoke 'em if you got 'em bro...oh. Those are tomatoes.

AnRo0002Fucken smoke ’em if you got ’em bro … oh. Those are tomatoes.

Brooklyn Police descended upon a Lefferts Avenue apartment building this Wednesday, responding to a report that there were marijuana plants on the building’s roof. The report came from the building’s superintendent, but the cops didn’t check it out first. They should’ve, because the plants in question were not pot plants but tomato plants. For the curious:

Here is a tomato plant.



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Here is a pot plant.

If you can tell the difference between these two plants, it’s not certain you’d be a good building superintendent — but you are at least highly qualified for the part of the job that involves not calling one of the busiest police forces in the world to come over and bust some poor hipster who just wants to make a home-crafted marinara (sure, he or she probably smokes pot, too — but not from plants they grow on the roof, like some idiot).

Anyway, the investigation is now closed, but the sad part is that the super is now locking the roof — which means the tomato plant project is over. That’s just stupid, because good tomatoes are a lot harder to get than good pot.

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