Ain't he cute? If you live in New Zealand you can adopt him!

Waikato SPCAAin’t he cute? If you live in New Zealand you can adopt him!

If you grew up in a McDonald’s parking lot in New Zealand, what would you eat? What if you were an adorable little black-and-white cat named Frankie? You would eat hamburger patties and chicken McNuggets, obviously. And then you would get so accustomed to it that you’d refuse to go back to kibble.

Be assured, Frankie was not eating just plain old trash. He was getting fresh (well, fresh-ish) meat from patrons who would order an extra patty for him and toss it to him when he came sniffing around their car. But if there’s something addictive about fast food, it seems to affect cats too. Because after Frankie was rescued from the parking lot by the Waikato SPCA, he wouldn’t eat cat food.

He hasn’t said “no kibble” (that would be amazing!), but in the cat language of tough refusal, he has. “I would put pet food down and he would give me a look like, ‘What is that?'” said the woman who’s fostering him. But those nice people didn’t save him from the McD’s parking lot so he could return to a McD’s parking lot diet, so they eventually got him off the special sauce and on to delicious, healthy, whole … uh, cat food. Hm. Maybe we’d opt for McDonald’s too.

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