Dreams do come true: Eating pizza for every meal could be perfectly healthy.

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Only catch: You’d have to be eating the “first nutritionally balanced pizza.” A pizza that has seaweed in the crust. Which is to say, not exactly the pizza you’d want to eat if you were going to eat pizza every day.

Created by a Scottish nutritionist, the pizza contains a third of all the vitamins and minerals an adult is supposed to need and a third of daily recommended calories, protein, and carbs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it looks like it doesn’t have all that much cheese on it. It also has that seaweed crust, intended to cut down on salt, and the tomato sauce has red peppers in it. About the only thing this pizza has in common with typical convenience food is that it comes frozen, because “the nutrients were better preserved that way,” the BBC reports.

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So it’s a frozen pizza, minus the salt and cheesy goodness, plus seaweed, oh and by the way it’s more expensive than other frozen pizzas. But, hey, it’s pizza that is good for you! Maybe even good enough to actually count as a vegetable in American school lunches.