I am delicious. I am flammable. I am Brunost.

Petter FalchI am delicious. I am flammable. I am Brunost.

There was an unsung tragedy last week in Norway: 27 tons of a specialty goat cheese called Brunost, which is extremely tasty, caught fire as it was being transported through a tunnel in northern Norway. Brunost has a lot of sugar and fat, so in addition to being good at being delicious it is also really good at burning — once it gets hot enough, it burns almost like gasoline. The fire went on for five days and the tunnel, as they say in Norway, is effed.

The BBC reports that a highway official said it was the first cheese fire he ever remembered in Norway (and you can imagine how delighted he was to take time out of his busy schedule to answer that question). He added, “I didn’t know brown cheese burns so well.” Well, to quote R. Kelly, though not necessarily about cheese, “If you don’t know, now you know.” [Ed. note: Sarah said she would quit if I cut this joke.]

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