Move over, lubed condoms: There’s a new kid in the gas station vending machine, and his name is SustainaBurrito.

Tehnically the newfangled gizmo is called a Burrito Box — “like a Red Box with burritos,” the L.A. Times wrote — and they’ve started showing up in L.A. Burrito Box is mimicking Chipotle’s guilt-free, sustainable meat thing, with “100 percent all-natural” burritos, and the breakfast option made with cage-free eggs:

You can choose from six varieties, including roasted potato with egg and cheese, uncured bacon with egg and cheese, chorizo sausage with egg and cheese, free-range chicken with beans and rice, and shredded beef and cheese. The website boasts the burritos are made with hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients.

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The shmancy machine plays a music video while it heats up your burrito (which’ll cost you $3 plus tax). Then — ta-da! — it poops out your burrito at the bottom. Do people actually BUY these things?!

“Not a lot of people, but quite a few people use it,” said Kasey Kashani, who has owned the station for 30 years.

There’s a good hard number for ya.

If the idea of a gas-station burrito repulses you, note that Instagram user Daniel Powley raves, “Was good.” Well, there you go.

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