Today in things that we did not know were a thing: giant, giant sushi.

These are not “sustainable food,” to say the least. The world’s craze for sushi is contributing to overfishing, and this is just taking that indulgence to a whole other level. It’s like a cannibalistic monster sushi that eats all the other sushi and then you eat it.

KotakuChopsticks for perspective.

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Apparently there’s one restaurant, Umewaka, that’s mostly responsible for this. They’ve got sushi that uses filets instead of slices (for the low price of $33). The monster sushi roll costs $190 and weighs about 13 pounds.

There’s also make-at-home gigantic lobster sushi:

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And this is the world’s biggest sushi roll.

Have a sushi craving now? Well TOO BAD. There’s no more sushi left because the sushi ate it.

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