“I don’t usually bathe, but when I do, it’s in Pepsi,” deadpans 27-year-old Nate Nielsen before submerging his body in a fizzy black bath. “Hmm, I’m a little bit parched,” he adds, taking a swig before drizzling the rest of the can over his face and hair. Today in “gross” slash “WHY GOD WHY”:

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“My favorite part is just soakin’ it in,” he says with a near-religious fervor before sticking his head under and almost choking. As he told Yahoo! later, “It was so painful having the carbonation get in my eyes, ears, and nose.” YA THINK?

If Pepsi runs $12 for a 24-pack, this was a $156 bath. Or at least it would’ve been if Nielsen had to pay for the Pepsi. He told Yahoo! that during a shift delivering workout products, a customer tipped him in 80 24-packs of Pepsi Max.

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Taking a bath in phosphoric acid, aspartame, potassium benzoate, caffeine, acesulfame potassium, citric acid, and calcium disodium edta (whatever THAT is) can’t be good for you. As one dermatologist eager for her 0.5 milliseconds of fame told Yahoo!, “The caramel color could stain the skin and phosphoric acid is a drying agent, so he may need to moisturize after.” GOOD TO KNOW. So the next time you take a soak in genetically modified cancer syrup, follow it up with your French fry body butter.