What better to follow your sad breakfast mug of oatmeal at work than a sad mug of Campbell’s soup? Nothing says “nutrition on the go” like salty water vaguely reminiscent of a chicken taking a shower. But who has time to crack open an actual can of seven mini-noodles and preservative-laced broth, even if it’s now BPA-free? If you’re a young professional with an expensive coffeemaker, Campbell’s has you covered!

Explains Laughing Squid:

Campbell Soup Co. is coming out with a line of Campbell’s Soup K-cups that will make soup using Green Mountain’s Keurig single-serving coffee machines. The K-cup itself will contain the soup’s broth and a side packet will hold the dried vegetables and noodles. They plan to release three flavors of soup, including their Homestyle Chicken Broth & Noodle, in 2014.

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Yum, dried veggies and noodles! Too bad we have to wait ’til next year. Also too bad: There’s no chance some poultry flavor will mingle with your espresso, because the catlike machines automatically clean themselves. At least we can console ourselves that, unlike aluminum soup cans, the soup K-cups won’t be recyclable. As our own Umbra points out, “your [Keurig] machine generates untold waste in the form of ridiculously unrecyclable plastic-and-foil pods.”

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Where did this genius idea come from? According to the AP:

“Consumers told us we should put Campbell soup in these machines,” [Green Mountain CEO Brian] Kelley said.

If the people in charge are listening, I can think of some great ideas for K-cups. What about a K-cup for a whiskey sour? Or just straight Everclear, for right before the meeting about making those brand-driven deliverables more actionable? Because those little cups are way cuter than a flask.