Photo courtesy of The White House. How did they get this photo of you?

Were you miffed that you didn’t get invited to the president’s famous Beer Summit? Would you like to party with Barack without getting emails from him every 14 seconds? Then you should sign this petition to get the White House to release its beer recipe! If it gets 25,000 signatures, the White House promises to release the details of its home-brewed beer, which President Obama has been drinking on the campaign trail.

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Sure, you won’t be having a beer with Obama, if by “with” you mean “in the same room.” But the argument could be made that “with” can mean “if you are having a beer, there’s a statistical likelihood that he will be having a beer, and it will be the same beer.” It’s not a good argument, but look: It’s closer to having a beer with the president than you’ve probably ever been.

The beer is described as “home brew Honey Ale,” which sounds pretty great. Maybe you just want the recipe, totally independent of the fact that it comes from the White House! Or, on the flip side, maybe you question the legitimacy of Obama’s beer and want to see its papers. Any reason is a valid reason to sign the petition! Except that second one.

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