Look, the U.N. wants you to eat more insects, because it’s a more sustainable way to get protein — and you want to do what the U.N. says, right? Well, maybe you don’t if it means roasting up some bugs for dinner, and listen, we agree. Really we do. Roasting is super work-intensive. What you need is a bug-based energy bar.

Luckily, Chapul has you covered. The company makes three flavors of cricket-based protein bar — Chaco adds dates, chocolate, and nuts to the cricket powder; Thai incorporates coconut, ginger, and lime; and nut-free Aztec features cocoa, coffee, and cayenne. None of which sound half bad, if you’re going to eat bugs. And if the reviews are to be trusted, they taste as good as they sound, though we can’t verify that the reviews come from actual customers. All we can be sure of is that they don’t come from crickets.

Chapul — the company’s name is the Aztec word for cricket — sold 6,000 bars last month, so clearly there’s a segment of the population that’s willing to get over the “ick” factor of eating bugs. If perhaps not the “ick” factor of having to cook.

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