McDonald’s is going to start selling organic burgers in Germany. And the meat won’t just be 100 percent organic, it will come from cattle that ate GMO-free fodder (take that Chipotle). And those animals will come from farms that look more like luxury alpine resorts. I mean, look at the farm in this video! (The video is in German, naturally).

I have never — at any farm I’ve ever visited — seen that many window boxes overflowing with flowers, or benches (benches!? when do farmers have time to sit down?), or tile-roofed carports. It’s only missing the Von Trapp family to sing extra flavor into the beeves.

All of which makes me wonder, how many people who eat at McDonald’s want organic meat fed without GMO grain, or vice versa?

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By God, McDonald’s is gonna push those damn circles together.

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