Psst. Where’s the best grass? No, not THAT kind. For grazing, duhhhh! The site PastureScout can’t hook you up with drugs, but it WILL help you find somewhere for your cattle to graze.

Much like Airbnb, the online platform connects people with extra room with those who need a place to stay. Just replace tourists with bovines and a beachfront flat with “wheat pasture, native range, or cropland stubble.”

Here’s a quick rundown for “pasture users” (heh heh):

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“Widespread drought and increasing costs of ranching are powerful forces driving many producers to find leased pasture and/or harvested forages for feeding in order to avoid selling livestock,” explains PastureScout.

Its cofounder Jen Livsey knows from experience — her rancher dad spent 100 hours on the phone before he found grazing space after drought plagued eastern Colorado. With climate change increasingly contributing to extreme weather, sites like PastureScout will only become more important.