Just smuggle it in your mouth.

WariJust smuggle it in your mouth.

If oil is liquid gold, vodka is … liquid silver? Whatever you call it, there’s major demand for the spirit, as evidenced by a secret pipeline that channeled it from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan for months. Kyrgyz border authorities found the pipe earlier in August:

It’s believed to have carried mostly vodka through an 8 inch-wide tube over a third of a mile under the Chu River, which divides the two countries.

“Mostly” vodka. Some cranberry juice. The Kyrgyz are classy.

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“We assume that thousands of liters of alcohol were smuggled,” a Tokmok police official told AKIpress …

Last fall, the authorities discovered a similar pipeline smuggling oil under the Chu River.

Ew. I’d take vodka over oil any day. Sure, it tastes like nail polish remover, but some things just should NOT go in a cocktail.

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