In what is probably the most skilled and least appetizing marketing strategy I’ve ever seen, Oreo is remaking Instagram photos as cookie-based monstrosities. If you tag your photo #cremethis, they’ll render it in sculpted creme goo, and #cookiethis gets you carved cookies (or at least decorative crumbles). It is extremely impressive, extremely internet-savvy, and holy SHIT does it not make me want to eat an Oreo.

Oreo has done pretty well for itself by acknowledging all the compulsive little rituals people go through with their cookies, but it’s a big leap from there to marketing your food product as an art supply. The subtext here seems to be “hey, what’s the difference between this creme stuff and Play-Doh, really?”

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That said, I have now typed the word “Oreo” more today than in any other single day of my life, so maybe in that sense the plan is working. And it’s not like people don’t sculpt with things like butter and radishes and fruit, so maybe I am just being cranky because there’s a dinosaur made of sugar and I can’t eat it. Ugh, fine, you win, Oreo. BRB, gotta see if they’ll cookie a picture of my dog.

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