McDonald’s is killing the Dollar Menu, so the staff at Thrillist panicked, bought everything on it, and combined the whole thing into one giant McMonstrosity. Because there’s no way you could get a better sandwich for $6 than one composed of two burgers, a chicken sandwich, a side salad, a yogurt parfait, and a cookie.

Then, secure in the knowledge that their hideous progeny was “basically … a diet food” due to the addition of salad and fruit, they actually ate it.


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A beautifully weird symphony of fake-tasting stuff. The salad had no flavor, but the vanilla yogurt paired oddly well with the salt from the burgers and the pepper from the McChicken. Then the chocolate/meat combo hit and it was over… this was one of the grossest combinations of grease and sugar since the Jersey Shore crew worked at an ice cream shop. Heyooo! That said, we finished it.

The Dollar Menu items aren’t actually disappearing — they’re just being revamped as a more-than-a-dollar menu (also known, as Thrillist points out, as “a menu”). But we can only hope that removing the Dollar Menu per se makes doing this kind of thing a tiny bit more difficult, or at very least less tempting.

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