If there’s one thing we learned from the KFC Double Down and the KFC Double Down.jp, it’s that bread is for assholes. You want grilled cheese? Don’t puss out and get a grilled cheese on bread. Commit to the cheese experience and make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich that is cheese grilled between two slices of cheese.

Nick of DudeFoods, who has a lot of experience with this brand of American innovation (he also invented the grilled cheese sandwich on woven bacon), was inspired to create this monstrosity when he discovered a type of cheese called “bread cheese.” In the spirit of experimentation, he decided to find out whether it would function in lieu of bread in a grilled cheese sandwich, and as it turns out, it does. Hooray for science!

Here is proof that Nick (or someone) (or something) actually ate this:

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Thanks for single-handedly propping up the flagging dairy industry, Nick! Is there such a thing as a cheese hangover? Because this guy is going to have one so bad.

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