Denmark’s got a lot going for it: Hamlet, the world’s bike-friendliest city, that statue of the Little Mermaid. But we’re not so sure about eCool, a $350 contraption that vows to help you “save the world, one earth-cooled beer at a time.” Riiiight.

Invented by four dudes in northern Denmark, the eCool stores 24 cans o’ brew underground, keeping them cool until your next barbecue or backyard picnic. There’s no need for electricity, just a three-foot hole (which you’ll dig with a shovel, “if you’re a real man,” the site says — thanks for the free sexism!):

Sure, most of us would like to drink our way to a sustainable tomorrow, but it’s really only green if you, you know, completely ditch your fridge. (Not gonna happen.) To play devil’s advocate, the eCool might actually be worse for your carbon footprint, since a full fridge is more efficient than an empty one.

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If you actually wanna cut down on your beer-related energy use, turn your fridge up to 38 degrees, buy a smaller Energy Star one when your old fridge dies, and buy booze from local craft breweries or those that use clean energy, like New Belgium.

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