Can people please stop making stupid Kickstarter projects already? It’s only been a month since Girls star Zosia Mamet failed to raise $32,000 for her music video (the $2,783 people donated is laughably generous). And now this: an earnest plea from the nation’s biggest Asian market to help them erect a ginormous cup of bubble tea in L.A.

Oh lord.

KickstarterOh lord.

The whole thing will be six feet tall and made of plexiglass, with 320 gallons of bubble tea inside — the equivalent of 2,562 normal-sized cups. The tapioca bubbles, one imagines, will be as big as cow balls. Why the eff would you want to pay money for this, other than because it’s really bizarre? Well, donating means your name, face, or multinational conglomerate’s logo could be on the ginormous cup of bubble tea until a graffiti artist obscures it! Plus, you could be part of history. It’s hard to believe there’s never been a cup of boba tea this size before, isn’t it? (Not really.)

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Maybe just give away all that free bubble tea?

KickstarterMaybe just give away all that free bubble tea?

The project isn’t doing too well. It’s raised less than $600 of the $9,000 goal, with two weeks to go. If you’re curious, here’s the video, in which the founders imagine a community brought together by the large drink, and children growing up with it (the issue of mold is immediately worrisome):

[protected-iframe id=”5c832d0ff64e26d594596d83fee6a5e8-5104299-17932162″ info=”” width=”480″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″]

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