Big Apple residents now have the dubious honor of being able to enjoy a German novelty dessert: ice cream that looks like spaghetti.

What’s wrong with regular ice cream? Are slightly imperfect spheres of frozen deliciousness somehow displeasing to the eye? Do people enjoy the sensory dissonance of seeing dinner but tasting dessert? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

Explains BuzzFeed:

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It was invented in Germany in the 1960s. Today, it is popular enough there that it’s served in lots of different flavors and in HUGE portions.

Case in point: chocolate.

Just no.

Janko LuinJust no.

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Aaaand pistachio?


Shadow IceBraaaaaains!

How is this unsettling concoction made?

Spaghetti-Eis is made by pressing vanilla ice cream through a potato ricer to create “noodles.” Typically, strawberry jam acts as “marinara.” Coconut flakes or white chocolate stand in for Parmesan.

So if you aren’t completely grossed out, run, don’t walk, to Dolce Gelateria in West Village. (Or, you know, Germany.)