Photo by Ralph Kämena.

This mobile-home-as-restaurant might have won the war for most local food ever. Instead of bringing the farm to the table, the Buijtenkitchen is bringing the table to the farm. It’s basically just a hut with a wood-burning stove inside, but it’s small enough that it can be loaded onto a trailer and moved without much fuss. It started out its journey on the outskirts of Rhoon, a village just beyond Rotterdam, and it follows a harvest calendar, searching out the very freshest produce there is. 

Fast Company reports:

It’s essentially a wood burning stove in a mobile hut, an elevated lifeguard-like station that surveys the area for hungry locals. But rather than importing food into the kitchen to be prepared, the Buijtenkitchen seeks out local harvests and plants itself on farms themselves by the most seasonal produce possible. So instead of serving up local/seasonal cuisine of a single region, it can seek out local seasonal cuisines of every region.

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This moveable feast also runs educational programs and caters. Instead of bringing the best local food to your next party, to be truly local, you’ll have to bring the party to the local food. Do food miles still count if it’s not the food that’s traveling?

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